Poplar Dome Area , Roosevelt County, Montana

The Poplar West Prospect is located in east central Montana on a large structural feature, the Poplar Dome. The dome was the site of some of the earliest drilling in the Williston basin in 1924. Oil Production was first established on the Dome in March of 1952 from the Madison formation. The Dome is an excellent place to look for hydrocarbons in resource plays such as the Bakken formation because of its dominant structural expression and focal point of regional hydrocarbon migration pathways.  It is a common expression in our industry particularly with respect to new play concepts such as the Bakken “ The best place to look for new oil is where it has already been found.” 

The Bakken formation and its associated carrier beds are a primary objective at the Poplar West Prospect. The Bakken shale is thermally mature and the overall “Bakken package is oil saturated.  The lower Lodgepole exhibits high resistivity supporting oil saturation, the Bakken shales exhibit both high resistivity and extremely slow sonic transit time diagonostic of mature and geopressured shale. The middle Bakken and Threeforks exhibit invasion profiles indicating fractures.  The oil saturated package has an outstanding base seal in the thick anhydrite beds (20’ plus or minus) of the upper Nisku formation and an excellent vertical top seal of massive bedded tight micritic limestone in the Lodgepole formation. Fracturing of this interval, which includes the entire Bakken interval as well as beds in the lower Lodgepole formation, has occurred by three different mechanisms. One mechanism involves regional salt dissolution of the underlying Devonian salt where extreme extension and fracturing occurred as the salt edge withdrew across the area.  The second mechanism is the result of extension during late stage tectonic uplift of the Poplar Dome during the Laramide orogeny.  A third less conventional method of fracturing involves a thermogenic process where micro fractures  are formed and possibly macro fractures as well.   Horizontal drilling is proposed where the Bakken shale is being considered a potential target as well.

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Permian Basin, Schleicher County

Sheen Prospect, Schleicher County - Shallow Oil- Multi Pay - 6 potential zones

The Sheen Prospect L. a 5.000' Strawn limestone. Camar and Tillery sand play in eastern Schleicher County. Texas. Regionally. the prospect is located along a southwest-northeast productive trend that includes the Camar Field to the northwest. the Tillery Field to the west and the Fort McKavett South Field to the east. Recent completions by Hannathon Petroleum, LLC have yielded one well flowing 60 BOPD and one well flowing 80 BOPD from the Camar sandstone with multiple zones behind pipe.

In summary. the prospect is shallow. multiple pay. defined by good well control along an
established productive trend and offers an excellent rate of return.

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